Winona International Friendship Association was founded in 2014 to run the City of Winona's sister program.  However the relationships between the city of Misato and the City of Bytow have existed for 20+ years.  

They are active healthy relationships that encompass a large number of community members.  Both cities boast exchange programs allowing over 550 students to travel to both Japan and Poland over the last 17 years.  It has allowed your Winona's to build relationships and broaden their frame of reference.   

Our friends in Misato and Bytow have sent at least 500 students and adults to Winona over the course of our relationship broadening their world experience and allowing them to be exposed to a different culture as well.  

Our friendships have only grown over the last 20 years and have enriched the lives of people in these communities and has changed the lives of all that have experienced the program first hand.

We have a healthy group of volunteers and sponsors that make sure these trips continue.  

City Of WInona


PO BOX 378

WINONA, MN 55987



O: 507-457-8234--Tara

C: 608-782-2660--Joe

h: 507-474-9179--Michelle

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